Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby and Baby weight are in cahoots to get me.....

Once again my attempts at returning to my pre-baby life have failed miserably, and she has done it on purpose, she wants to see me fail...she is so conniving. 
Here's the situation, El Capitano is almost 6 months old, SIX MONTHS!!! I was supposed to be a size 2 again, and yes I was a size 2, shut up...I was, well close enough that I might as well have been...shut up. Every time I try to exercise she screams for me to hold her, when I plan a run in the morning, she keeps me up the whole night before...and she purposely forces me to go down grocery aisles where chocolate pudding is on for only $1, I mean what am I supposed to do, $1 !!!! She is pure evil, I swear she left that giant toblerone on the counter last night, I don't even know how it got in the house, I think she smuggled it in her diaper from the last time we were in the Duty-Free shop (that's the only place where I know you can get an oversized toblerone). I will defeat her, as soon as I finish the pudding...and have pancakes for dinner...okay, that's not my fault, it's Pancake Tuesday, I have to eat pancakes, it's the law!