Thursday, April 30, 2009

Did you miss me?

Okay, I know, where have I been? ( I like to pretend I have this enormous following of people who are constantly checking this blog to see if I have graced them with some more words of wisdom ) Well, I have a baby, that's where I've been, I don't have time to write until she goes to bed and I've been SLEEPY!!! But I'm better now and have decided to refocus my energy on wasting time on useless endeavours, like blogging, reminds me of life before baby when I wasted time on stupid things constantly.
Hit a big milestone today, at the pool I dunked Sofia, I'm just hoping she is not permanently scarred by the ordeal. After coming up it seemed like it took a little too long for her to catch her breath, but she seems okay now. I was looking back at old posts and thinking how quickly I wanted to get her through the phases where she didn't sleep well and needed my constant attention, little did I know that she would need more constant attention as she got older, and that I would miss every stage so incredibly after it had passed.

I have revamped my blogging attempts and created "baby and the city" which gives some reviews of how baby-friendly Toronto really is. Check it out! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby and Baby weight are in cahoots to get me.....

Once again my attempts at returning to my pre-baby life have failed miserably, and she has done it on purpose, she wants to see me fail...she is so conniving. 
Here's the situation, El Capitano is almost 6 months old, SIX MONTHS!!! I was supposed to be a size 2 again, and yes I was a size 2, shut up...I was, well close enough that I might as well have been...shut up. Every time I try to exercise she screams for me to hold her, when I plan a run in the morning, she keeps me up the whole night before...and she purposely forces me to go down grocery aisles where chocolate pudding is on for only $1, I mean what am I supposed to do, $1 !!!! She is pure evil, I swear she left that giant toblerone on the counter last night, I don't even know how it got in the house, I think she smuggled it in her diaper from the last time we were in the Duty-Free shop (that's the only place where I know you can get an oversized toblerone). I will defeat her, as soon as I finish the pudding...and have pancakes for dinner...okay, that's not my fault, it's Pancake Tuesday, I have to eat pancakes, it's the law!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Her jedi mind tricks are more than I can handle....

Okay, so I've got over the surgery, had the okay by the doc, and have even passed the horrible turkey and chocolate feasting of I thought that's it, it's finally time to start working out again, how long can I pull of stretch pants for, I mean it's getting pretty ridiculous. My friends haven't said anything yet, but I think they always assumed I was pretty trendy, but they will eventually open up a magazine and realize that not everyone is wearing stretchy tights and over sized sweaters like I keep telling them. Day 1 - I jogged for 30 minutes and felt quite appropriately proud of myself, Day 2 - did some weight training, then came the evening of Day 2, the kid decides to cry out every 30 minutes from 1 am to 9am, bringing us to Day 3 of my new Boot camp-style exercise regime, and what am I doing, typing this, half asleep, at 9pm, while I wait for a big bowl of pasta to finish cooking that I can smother in butter and parmesan, wolf down in that way in which you barely chew the food, so I can crawl into bed and hope the kid gives me a break...all the books said after 2 months I would sleep again...they lied....THEY LIED. She wants to keep me fat and frumpy so I don't go out and continue to cater on her hand and foot....I will find her weakness.