Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Her jedi mind tricks are more than I can handle....

Okay, so I've got over the surgery, had the okay by the doc, and have even passed the horrible turkey and chocolate feasting of I thought that's it, it's finally time to start working out again, how long can I pull of stretch pants for, I mean it's getting pretty ridiculous. My friends haven't said anything yet, but I think they always assumed I was pretty trendy, but they will eventually open up a magazine and realize that not everyone is wearing stretchy tights and over sized sweaters like I keep telling them. Day 1 - I jogged for 30 minutes and felt quite appropriately proud of myself, Day 2 - did some weight training, then came the evening of Day 2, the kid decides to cry out every 30 minutes from 1 am to 9am, bringing us to Day 3 of my new Boot camp-style exercise regime, and what am I doing, typing this, half asleep, at 9pm, while I wait for a big bowl of pasta to finish cooking that I can smother in butter and parmesan, wolf down in that way in which you barely chew the food, so I can crawl into bed and hope the kid gives me a break...all the books said after 2 months I would sleep again...they lied....THEY LIED. She wants to keep me fat and frumpy so I don't go out and continue to cater on her hand and foot....I will find her weakness.

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