Thursday, April 30, 2009

Did you miss me?

Okay, I know, where have I been? ( I like to pretend I have this enormous following of people who are constantly checking this blog to see if I have graced them with some more words of wisdom ) Well, I have a baby, that's where I've been, I don't have time to write until she goes to bed and I've been SLEEPY!!! But I'm better now and have decided to refocus my energy on wasting time on useless endeavours, like blogging, reminds me of life before baby when I wasted time on stupid things constantly.
Hit a big milestone today, at the pool I dunked Sofia, I'm just hoping she is not permanently scarred by the ordeal. After coming up it seemed like it took a little too long for her to catch her breath, but she seems okay now. I was looking back at old posts and thinking how quickly I wanted to get her through the phases where she didn't sleep well and needed my constant attention, little did I know that she would need more constant attention as she got older, and that I would miss every stage so incredibly after it had passed.

I have revamped my blogging attempts and created "baby and the city" which gives some reviews of how baby-friendly Toronto really is. Check it out! 

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